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Appendix A: Reference Tables

Table 2.1 - Summarized Conversion Table
Table 2.2 - Metric System Conversion Factors
Table 2.3 - Metric System and Equivalents
Table 3.1 - Water Handling Unit Estimations
Table 3.2 - Comparative Diameters and Weights of Coupled Fire Hose
Table 3.3 - Friction Loss of Forestry Hose
Table 5.1 - Map Scale Conversion Factors
Table 5.2 - Map Scales and Equivalents
Table 5.3 - Perimeter Estimation for Point Source Fires
Table 5.4 - Area Estimation for Point Source Fires
Figure 6.2 - Declination Chart for the Continental U.S. and Alaska
Table 8.1 - Wind Speed Adjustments for Fuel Exposures

Appendix B: Credits

Firefighter Math involves the contributions of the following organizations:

Firefighter Math is currently hosted by SEM and the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory.
Questions or comments can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , USFS.